New York City Cheap Hotels

New York is the city of sky scrappers. It is the business capital of the world. However it also has many things to show as well. However the New York City is quite expensive as well. Let me tell you that if you are visiting this city with a thin wallet then you will have to face lots of problem. I really feel that you can save yourself from lots of expenses by finding some cheap hotels. Believe me that you will find many of them in this city.

I am now going to list some of the hotels which are cheap by all standards. The hotels are as follows:

1. Manhattan Broadway Hotel

This hotel is a non smoking budget hotel and it has been specially designed for the low budget travelers. It is just four blocks away from the Times Square. As far as the facilities are concerned you will find all kinds of facilities out here in this hotel. You will be glad to note that the pets are allowed in this hotel. The high speed internet facilities are also provided and the management follows the smoke free policies. The cost of stay at this hotel is around 48.46 pounds per night.

2. Mayfair New York Hotel

This is another hotel which is quite cheap. You will have to pay around 63.28 pounds per night in this hotel. All kinds of amenities are provided out here. You will be glad to note that the pets are also allowed in this hotel. It is just four miles away from the center of the city. The internet facilities are also available. Here you can experience the ideal blend of conventional atmosphere, gracious service and fresh convenience. Several family packages are also provided and this will make the cost even cheaper. It is a multi storey building and both the lift as well as the elevator is provided. There is also one swimming pool and you can go out there whenever you like.

The address of this hotel is:

242 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019. You can contact the hotel management at this address.

3. Hotel 17

This is another one and its cost is just 59.25 pounds which is quite cheap by all standards. The address of this hotel is:

225 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003 and it is just 1.5 miles south of the center of the city. I must tell you that the Hotel 17 was rated as the best budget hotel in the year 1997 by New York magazine. All the amenities are provided as well.

These are some of the hotels which are quite cheap and you will definitely love them.